There is an old saying,

"God created the Grand Canyon, but he lives in Sedona."

One trip to Sedona and you know it has to be true.

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Sedona's Infamous Pink Jeep Tours

If you have been to Sedona or are thinking of going, I am sure you are familiar with the Sedona Pink Jeep Tours. This tour company is a icon in Sedona. They have been hiking and scrambling up the Sedona Red Rocks for almost 50 years! They are "THE" original Jeep tour company in the USA.

This is the only tour company that has been given permits from the Forest Service to go to certain spots like the Ancient Ruins, Broken Arrow and Diamondback Gulch tours. They do have a tour for everyone. We were always thrilled with our tours we took.

Then couple years back we opted for a different tour company because we wanted to ride in a Hummer. Well, never again. It was more expensive and we chose the "Sunset Tour". Now wouldn't you think that you would be taken to some remote beautiful location that was unreachable by any other vehicle. Then witness the most beautiful sunset you had ever seen?

Not the case at all. First of all the driver seemed to think it was funny to fly over the rocks. We were flying off the seats. One of the people in our party actually pulled a back muscle and ended up having to get massages for the next 3 days because he could hardly walk. Also, we were told it was educational. Well, he stopped the Hummer a few times and pointed to a plant and told us the name and moved on. That was it for our "education" part of it.

Anyway, when we reached out destination I was floored. We stopped at some little hill area and there were power lines going across the view. We were unable to get pictures without having the power line in them. It was a very unimpressive view for Sedona standards. Oh and the sunset? We never saw it. We were back at our cars by the time the sun set so I have no idea why they called it that.

So save your money,skip that adventure and walk across the street and sign up for the Pink Jeep Tours. You will not be disappointed. We loved each tour and learned so much from the informative guides.

They can be contacted at:
Pink Jeep Tours
Toll Free: 800-873-3662
Phone: 928-282-5000

Here is a short clip of Kelly Ripa talking about the Pink Jeep Tours!

Here are a couple more videos to give you an idea of the tours they offer.

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