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Sedona Time Share Deals? Where Are They?

Well, every timeshare sales person will probably be furious for me posting this but here goes.

We bought a time share in Sedona just like the thousands of others. We paid $10,000 for a 1 bedroom every other year and have $300 every year for maintenance fees.

Now if you have been to Sedona you will know time shares are everywhere and they want you.

Before you sign on that dotted line like I did, do yourself a favor and check eBay. There are reputable sellers on eBay's that are selling the same thing I bought for $1,000 or less. I have seen them go for $100 AND they are every year not every other year like I have. I had even mentioned it to a timeshare sales man (in Sedona) and he came back with "Oh but you won't get passport weeks". Well, I called a couple times to try to talk to someone who could tell me what was available in "passport weeks" and nothing is ever available. The few things that were available were not where I was going and were not a good deal and they were crusty places. So I haven't used any anyway.

Oh and when I called back about a week after I got home and made 3 attempts to get my saleman to return my call, he would not. He knew I was going to ask him about their so called "passport weeks" he lied to me about.

So if you do go to a timeshare presentation to view the property, get all the information you can. Take notes! Make sure you get your free dinners, discounts,etc. for your time and then when you get home look on eBay. If you don't feel secure about eBay, there are also brokers everywhere that sell time shares for a fraction of the cost.

Also, I have since found out another sneaky trick they timeshare companies came up with. It's called "vacation points" Never buy any property that deals with RCI and their "points" because what they do is keep raising the amount of points you need for a vacation. This way they keep selling you more and more points. It never ends. So they will try to lure you into this and if you seem like you are going to back away, they will tempt you with the lowest amount you can get in with. Then the constant trying to sell you more and more begins. What a vacation costs this year in points will only get you 5 days in a few years, then you will have to buy more to get the full week.

For those of you who don't know about timeshares, after you buy one or the points, you then get scammed into another yearly set of fees. It is through RCI or Interval International. Both charge you a fee to hold your weeks or your points for you. In order to use them you must be a member.

RCI has the whole point thing going on and Interval can never get anything. Sometimes I call and they say they have nothing because I called too late. Then the next time I call they tell me I am calling too soon for them to look.

Also, if you deposit your week with Interval because you don't want to go to Sedona again, then you will have to pay a fee if they find you something else where. Usually around $150 and that is IF they find something.

Another option is you can always rent someone else's timeshare. Rental places are all over the Internet and you can usually get some desperate owner willing to rent it cheap. We've rented a unit a couple different times in Sedona for $500 a week during busy times.

This is an important tip also. If you would buy make sure it is a floating week. It effects what you can sell it for if you ever decide you don't want it, it also makes it hard to rent if you have a fixed week. Floating makes it much more appealing and will be better for you if you decide to sell, trade, rent, etc.

But if you still have your heart set on buying then check eBay, check with a timeshare resale company and you will save yourself a bundle of money. The bottom line is DO YOUR HOME WORK and don't buy anything while on vacation. They get you while you are having fun, loving the place and being very vulnerable. Say NO and go some and do your research. You will be glad you did!

Here is a place you can rent a time share from to see what you think of it and you can get it way cheaper than if you call in to rent. Also you can just google "Time Share Rentals in Sedona" and I am sure you will get more to choose from.

Go to eBay and search for Sedona Timeshares. Then on the left side choose "completed auctions" so you will get to see what they went for. That will give you an idea of how cheap you can get them for. Both to rent and to buy.

Stop back and let us know how you did. I am sure you will get great deal compared to the Time Share sharks are going to offer you.Good luck!
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Sandra Lawson said...

There are risks associated with every vacation and all kinds of travel, and time shares are no different. There are numerous ways that buying a time share can be a risky venture, so don’t assume that buying now will reserve your vacation spot for life. many time shares are located in places where natural disasters occur or the time share management company could go bankrupt just to name a couple