There is an old saying,

"God created the Grand Canyon, but he lives in Sedona."

One trip to Sedona and you know it has to be true.

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Senator McCain Visit's His Sedona Ranch

Senator/Presidential Candidate McCain flew into Sedona's airport on Friday February 29 for a much needed break. Why Sedona? Well because he owns a ranch in the area.

The Senator McCain was greeted by his wife, Cindy, who had driven in from their ranch to meet John.

He was also greeted by Mac McCall who is the airport manager, and Sedona Airport Authority President Russ Demaray, and his friend, Pam Fazzini.

He was relaxed and his laid back style showed as he climbed into the drivers seat of his SUV and drove his wife and himself back to their ranch. He was hosting a big cook out for reporters and various members of the press.

His ranch, he and his wife Cindy have owned it for over 25 years and it is valued at 1.1 million dollars. It was featured recently in the Home and Garden Magazine. The McCain's have enjoyed countless weekends, family gatherings and relaxing get-aways from their busy life in Washington D. C. and Phoenix.

So where is his ranch? I have searched for any pictues on the Internet and more specifics on the location and came up pretty empty handed. I can tell you however, I am willing to bet if you get to Page Springs, the people there will know where he lives.

What I do know is that the 6.6 acre ranch is located about 13 miles west of Sedona. It is in a small town called Page Arizona. It is the best-kept secret in the Verde Valley.The town is bordered by 2000 acres of National Forest and is located between Sedona and Cottonwood, on the banks of Oak Creek it is located at 3,400 feet in a quaint setting of giant oak trees, sycamores, old cottonwood trees and artesian streams.The Oak Creek has created a migratory corridor for more than 500 species of birds traveling from Canada to South America – a bird watcher’s paradise.

Page Springs was established by James Page, great grandfather of the current Page family still that still lives there. Some historians describe the area as “the way Sedona used to be in the early days”.

The area has many points of interest, parks and monuments to offer travelers full days of activities and fun. Page boasts several wineries.Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery, Oak Springs Winery, Page Springs and Echo Canyon Vineyard and Winery.

Click Here for Winery Information

In Page Springs the fly fishing is great in the Oak Creek. They have a hatchery located there and the hatchery is dedicated to raising endangered species of fresh water fish before they become extinct. Also, nearly 120 of the species of birds actually reside within the vicinity of the Hatchery itself.

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Are you interested in getting in a little fly fishing while you are in Sedona? Well, this is the perfect spot to do that.
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Page Springs Restaurant is located at the entrance of Page Springs and provides a menu based largely on ribs, sandwiches and steaks. The average entree to cost $12 to $20 and it is a "cash only" restaurant. They are open for lunch and dinner and dress is casual. John McCain and his family stop by whenever they are in town.

1975 North Page Springs Road
Cornville, Arizona 86325-6103


Click here for Page Springs Restaurant

Also, if you are a fan of Bed & Breakfast's, then you are in luck. Page Springs B&B sits nestled in the rolling hills of Page.
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If you enjoy RV camping here is information for you.
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If you would prefer a quiet secluded casual resort this might be the perfect spot.
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To get there take I-17 to Exit 287 Highway 260 to Cottonwood. Go right on 89A and drive a few miles and you are in Page Springs.

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This link has a short video of the area on the right hand side of the page.
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Sedona And Gay Travelers

Sedona is such a beautiful place to visit and in order to assist reach everyone in the gay and lesbian community traveling to Sedona, we wanted to collect some information that might assist you in planning your dream vacation. Whether it is camping or staying in a B&B, you will find Sedona not only beautiful, but also very welcoming to all.

Thanks to Trip Advisor I found a couple posts that might help you determine the tone of Sedona.

"I lived in Sedona for 8 years and yes, it will be just fine for your visit. There is a gay or rainbow business/service directory that specifically say they are gay friendly. Not sure how you can get one. But Sedona, being a pretty metaphysical, spiritual kinda town, is not the Republican Phoenix. I think you will find there are no turned heads or anything. On the other hand - and I remember wanting to go to a gay bar with my hairdresser - there are no gay only types of bars or hotels. I never saw two men dance but they were always with us, dancing with the girls. I guess it is not San Francisco or even California, but it is not a small minded religious right town. Hope this is helpful. I do hope you have a great time. Be sure to go to Jerome the artist community on the hill, and take a pink jeep ride and dance to Sammy D. if he is playing anywhere."

And here is another...

"I just went. I am not gay, but consider myself "gay Friendly." Sedona is really laid back and relaxed, and I would be surprised if your sexuality was a strong subject of interest. Most of what we did in Sedona was very solitary (hikes and drives, etc). I don't know that there would be much swinging nightlife --gay or otherwise. So, I suppose if you are going to Sedona for the hiking, nature, etc, your sexuality will not be a factor."

Here are a collection of sites that are LGBT specific that I hope will assist you in planning your vacation. For info on dining, spa's, tours, etc. Please refer to the archives! And as always, Enjoy Sedona!

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