There is an old saying,

"God created the Grand Canyon, but he lives in Sedona."

One trip to Sedona and you know it has to be true.

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Hiking In Sedona Arizona With Mr Sedona~ Full Hike To Broken Arrow

I found this informative video of the full hike with Mr. Sedona on the Broken Arrow hike. The hike is great and Mr. Sedona always shares all of his knowledge but the women who was filming it is a bit annoying.
I would have preferred if she focused the camera on the views more than on Mr. Sedona climbing and asking interview questions about him instead of asking about the trail or about Sedona.
At any rate, it is great to be able to sit back and enjoy a Sedona hike!

Sedona, Arizona Offers Amazing Hiking For All

With all of the awesome Sedona Arizona activities there are to choose from, hiking might just be the one that people enjoy the most. Sedona, Arizona has 103 hiking trails to choose from. All of which promise to offer views that will take your breath away. Spires, buttes, caves, canyons, mesa's and  streams await you. Hike through the same historical paths that the Indians and pioneers walked on in days gone by. Whether you  want to take a leisurely stroll or  are up for an extreme rigorous adventure, Sedona, Arizona hikes offer something for everyone.

Here is the hiking guide written by editor Of Arizona Highways

Arizona Highways Hiking Guide

Extreme Fun in Sedona, Arizona ~Rent A Tom Car

If you are planning a trip to Sedona, Arizona and you are a more of a thrills like of person, then I have found the perfect thing for you to check out.
Have you ever heard of a "Tom Car"? Well, Mark Ranges from Sedona Off-Road Center calls them a "golf cart on steroids". These things are a blast.
Sure you can go on a hummer tour or a jeep tour, but these crazy Tom Car's you actually are behind the wheel.
You get to set the pace. Are you a extreme sports kind of guy,  then you can kick it up to your level. If you are a more conservative driver, you can drive along at the speed you feel comfortable with. It is your decision and you can make it as crazy or as serene as you want.
Pack up the family, pack your cooler and enjoy seeing the red rocks like you have never seen before.
If you want to give Mark a call, you can find him here :

Looking For Things To Do With Kids In Sedona, Arizona?

We have people email us often asking us what they can do with kids in Sedona, Arizona. Well, there is a lot more than most people can even imagine. Yesterday we featured Slide Rock Park and you can check out another video right here if  you missed it.  It will cost you between $10-$20 per vehicle for a fun filled day at a natural water park. Go as early as you can as the parking lot will fill up quickly.
Slide Rock Park Video

Another great idea is take them biking. There are trails for hiking and biking everywhere and if you didn't bring your bikes, don't worry. You can rent them and have a biking adventure that you will never forget.
Is you want to plan out your bike trips, here is a good site that has biking trails in Sedona. There will be trails for the inexperienced as well as the experienced trail riders.
 Mountain Bike Riding Sedona

Also, if you would prefer to take a guided tour with an experienced guide, Hermosa Tours offers a variety of tours to fit your life style and needs. Check them out!

Take Your Kids To Sedona, Arizona's Slide Rock Park

Many people want to plan a trip to Sedona but are worried about what to do to keep their kids occupied. Well, there is a lot to do for kids, especially if your kids love hiking and exploring the canyons and forests. 
You can take them for a trip to Oak Creek Canyon to hike, picnic and cool off on a hot day. Oak Creek Canyon is known for Slide Rock  Park and I guarantee every body will have fun spending a day at Slide Rock Park! It's about $10 per vehicle to get in for the day. Where else can you spend  the day with your entire family having a picnic and at a natural water park for $10?

Downloadable map of Slide Rock Park


Sedona, Arizona Red Rock Web Cam

Come back often for the live Sedona Red Rock Web Cam. I keep this on my tool bar so I can checkout the views. If it's black, it is because it is still night in Arizona. Come back during day light and you can see the beautiful red rocks, live.

Sedona's Painted Javelina's On Parade In Sedona

These colorful Javelina's are celebrating their 9th birthday!
 They were first introduced in 2005 as an answer to Chicago's Cows on Parade. They were to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Sedona's Art Festival but were also used as a distraction to the road work that was beginning at the time.
Local companies were asked to donate $2,000 and would be able to  decorate the Mom and baby and display them outside their offices or stores.  There are 50 of these delightful little Javelina pairs in Sedona and they have been dedicated as an "Arizona Treasure".
Here is some more info on the Javelina's on Parade.

Living With Javelina's In Sedona Arizona

Source: Javelina's Cantina

Javelina's are a little mammal that are actually a peccary. They normally come out at night to look around for seeds and berries,etc. eat. They have bad vision but their sense of smell is what guides them.
They are a herding animal and stick with their family. I have never noticed them to be aggressive but if cornered, I am sure they would be aggressive for sure.
I found this video with great up close pictures. It is good to be able to see them at this close range but you might have to ignore the lady taking the video. She is admittedly talking in a made up language and after while it gets quite annoying. 

Here are a couple other Javelina video's


Camping And RV's In Sedona, Arizona

Not everyone who visits Sedona, Arizona wants to stay in a hotel, a resort or a bed and breakfast. Some want to get closer to nature and camp.
Camping can be pitching a tent or it can mean staying in a luxurious RV but no matter which form of camping is right for you, Sedona and Verde Valley can satisfy everyone.
Since hotels and resorts can get a bit pricey at times, camping might be a good option for large families or just frugal campers.
I've gathered some links for camping information for you and there is a video by travel experts  Nikki and Jason Wynn who will take you on a tour of the Verde Valley Campgrounds & RV Park.

Additional links:

Sedona Video of What to See and What to do in Sedona

If you've never been to Sedona or if it's been awhile since you traveled there, here is a great video to see or remind you of how beautiful Sedona is.  This Sedona video highlights places of importance so you could plan your trip to Sedona and where you'll want to go and do there.