There is an old saying,

"God created the Grand Canyon, but he lives in Sedona."

One trip to Sedona and you know it has to be true.

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Sedona's Painted Javelina's On Parade In Sedona

These colorful Javelina's are celebrating their 9th birthday!
 They were first introduced in 2005 as an answer to Chicago's Cows on Parade. They were to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Sedona's Art Festival but were also used as a distraction to the road work that was beginning at the time.
Local companies were asked to donate $2,000 and would be able to  decorate the Mom and baby and display them outside their offices or stores.  There are 50 of these delightful little Javelina pairs in Sedona and they have been dedicated as an "Arizona Treasure".
Here is some more info on the Javelina's on Parade.

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