There is an old saying,

"God created the Grand Canyon, but he lives in Sedona."

One trip to Sedona and you know it has to be true.

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Living With Javelina's In Sedona Arizona

Source: Javelina's Cantina

Javelina's are a little mammal that are actually a peccary. They normally come out at night to look around for seeds and berries,etc. eat. They have bad vision but their sense of smell is what guides them.
They are a herding animal and stick with their family. I have never noticed them to be aggressive but if cornered, I am sure they would be aggressive for sure.
I found this video with great up close pictures. It is good to be able to see them at this close range but you might have to ignore the lady taking the video. She is admittedly talking in a made up language and after while it gets quite annoying. 

Here are a couple other Javelina video's


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