There is an old saying,

"God created the Grand Canyon, but he lives in Sedona."

One trip to Sedona and you know it has to be true.

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Go Horse Back Riding in Sedona And Indulge Your Cowboy Spirit

Have you fallen into the vacation rut? Is your family tired of the same ole vacations? Do you have to do the same things on vacation year after year? I say no! So pack away your snorkel and fins and head to Sedona!

Saddle up and indulge your Cowboy/girl Spirit while you are in Sedona. There are several ranches that offer plenty of horseback riding, horsemanship clinics, and even classes on how to care for a horse all while in spectacular Sedona. Enjoy the vistas and the undiluted, real sensations of ranch life in southwestern Arizona.

If you are traveling with kids. This is a great adventure they will love. Call ahead and ask for the ages they accept on their tours.It seems the age requirement is 6 yrs old. I do know they offer reduced rates for kids. On some rides the kids can go to the creek and swing from the ropes. It's a day they will never forget. You can even choose the dinner ride you will enjoy a steak cooked on an open fire.

Ride the trails of Sedona, feel nature up close and explore a red rock paradise exceptionally beautiful, filled with abundant wildlife and rich in the history of the high desert. Sedona offers mild year round climate, providing endless opportunities to enjoy horseback riding in every season!
You can take a guided tour or for the more experienced,rent a horse and head out on your own. Fore those of you who don't want to ride, you can even take classes that can teach you how to connect spiritually with a horse.

Click Here For Equine Workshops

For those desiring to surround themselves with the beauty of this rugged landscape, you can experience it on a gentle, seasoned horse. There are horses and trails for everyone's skill level.

The American West holds a special place in the hearts of millions all over the world. Being a cowboy isn't just about what you wear, how you walk or what kind of horse you ride. Being "Cowboy" is a state of mind and heart, where the West is still alive and doing very well.

While on your journey you can watch the mountains and cliffs gradually turn from orange to startling red in the light of the setting sun. In every season, you'll share good company, breathtaking vistas, exciting horseback rides on seasoned horses and be able to share some Sedona Sunsets and ride your dreams.

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Sedona Motor Cycle Riding~ Arizona Bike Week

If you are heading to Sedona after the long drawn out winter, then a trip to Arizona for Arizona Bike Week is a must. It begins with the pre-events on 3/27/08 and runs through 4/6/08 and is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Scottsdale is about a 2 hr ride and it the scenery is amazing so the ride will go fast.

You could rent a bike in Sedona and enjoy riding while you are on the rest of your vacation or rent one from Scottsdale area or bring your own. Anyway you get there is fine, just prepare your self for one of the best adventures of your life.

Click here for Sedona Motor Cycle Rentals

Click Here For Harley Rentals In Sedona

Click Here For L2 Motor Cycle Rentals In Scottsdale

Arizona Bike Week really gets going on April 2, 2008 with the "HandleBar Saloon", vendors, libations, nationally known performers, demo’s by Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Victory, and Yamaha/Star, contests ,freestyle riders, poker runs, custom builders, tributes, bike show, bike games, live music, raffles, charity rides and more. Taking place at WestWorld of Scottsdale.Which is a user-friendly equestrian center and special events facility. They have 120,000 sq. ft. parking garage for motorcycles only!

Click Here For Arizona Bike Week Info

Click here for West World Information

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If Bike Week isn't your thing, then how about taking a tour with a small group in the Sedona area? There are several tour companies that offer guided tours to many locations around Sedona where you can get out and experience Sedona on two wheels.

Click Here for Wild Wind MC Tours

Click Here For Eagle Rider Tours

Click Here For Eagle Rider's Video

If you are really adventurous then how about planning a ride to the grand canyon? This will be a journey of a life time and something that you will surely never forget. As always, enjoy your trip to Sedona!

Sedona's Chapel Of The Holy Cross Pictures

Side view of the Chapel of the Holy Cross against the beautiful Sedona Blue Sky.

This is the parking lot and the path that leads up to the Chapel.

View inside the Chapel. Sculptures were done by Marguerite Brunswig Staude

Visit Sedona's Chapel Of The Holy Cross

One of the most visited spots in Sedona is the Chapel of the Holy Cross. The architecture alone is worth the visit. Rising 200 feet from the ground, it rests amongst the red rocks.

This is one of my favorite places in Sedona. The views are just amazing and you can feel the forgiving energy as soon as you arrive.

Marguerite Brunswig Staude not only paid for this chapel to be built but she also designed this it after being inspired in 1932 but it would not be completed until 1957.

Marguerite was the youngest of 5 children and born to wealthy parents. Her father owned Brunswig Drug Company. As she grew up she broke her ties from her wealthy family and studied and traveled all over the world. Then while she was studying art in NY and as she gazed on the Empire State Building she had her first vision of what would eventually become the Chapel Of the Holy Cross. It was Ash Wednesday 1932.

She returned to California and sought the advice of Llyod Wright, Frank Llyod Wright's son. The two of them worked to design the Chapel together. Originally she wanted to build the Church in Budapest but WWII put an end to that.

In 1938 she married her husband, Tony Staude and by this time Margurerite was already a known sculptor. She spent much of her time teaching wounded soldiers how to sculpt and also taught blind people as well.

Her husband's family had a ranch known as " Doodlebug Ranch" and she vacationed in Sedona from 1940 until 1960. During the 40's both of her parents had passed away and her mother wanted a "living spiritual trust" and that was when she decided that the Chapel should be built. At the time Sedona was a sleepy little town with about 800 residents.

She had to fly to New Mexico to speak with the Bishop of the Diocese about building the Church. He was against the idea and told her so. He wanted her to build a small Church and give the rest of the money to the Indians. He finally he gave her permission.

Then she had to go to Washington DC because the land was on government land. Senator Barry Goldwater was already their friend so he gave permission.

April 1955 they broke ground on the Chapel. It took 18 months to build the Chapel and each of the 25,000 tons of rock removed was done so by hand. They didn't use any dynamite because they didn't want to disturb the area. So 4 men spent 6 weeks drilling a series of holes and would hand chip away each piece of rock.

The cost to complete the structure was $300,000. This amount was low because the architects and the construction company reduced their fees. The Contruction company that was chosen was Willaim-Simpson Construction from California.

The Sculptures that you will see inside were all done by Marguerite herself. The stations of the cross are made from antique nails.

Here is a very short video of the inside of the Chapel. You can see the sculpture Marguerite made of Jesus's face and a few other sculptures she made.

Excerpts of the NPS history:

"Marguerite Brunswig Staude (1899-1988), a sculptress, originally presented her idea for a 500-foot, block-wide cathedral to Lloyd Wright, Frank Lloyd Wright's son, in the 1930s. Although the design was finally accepted by nuns in Hungary, World War II prevented construction. In 1950, Staude contacted Wright again with plans for a much smaller chapel, but the architect refused to proceed with any but the original design. Kate Rutland Thorne, "Upon This Rock, Marguerite Brunswig Staude and her Sedona Chapel," (West Sedona, Arizona: Chapel of the Holy Cross, 1995)."

"An article describing the residence inspired Marguerite Brunswig Staude to contact Anshen and Allen about the possibility of building her dream chapel in Sedona, Arizona. [31] The architects must have been intrigued when Staude, a sculptress, showed them her sketches of a Roman Catholic Church inspired by Rockefeller Center, a version of which was almost constructed for Hungarian nuns on Mount Ghelert in Budapest. Anshen and Allen began working on the chapel project in 1953. [32] Staude not only financed the chapel, but also provided accommodations for the architects at her Doodlebug Ranch in Sedona. When it was time to find an appropriate site, Staude, her husband, and the architects flew over the local hills in search of the perfect location. This type of collaboration between architect and client would also occur in the firm's work for the National Park Service."

When you visit the Chapel you will see that most people expect to find the Chapel as just another charming site. Often people are surprised to find themselves deeply moved by the powerful spirituality emanating from this simple building and its location among Sedona's red rocks.

Volunteers will assist you in parking and then you will walk up a pretty steep incline and meander along a path that leads to the Chapel. If you need assistance in walking a volunteer can drive you in a golf cart to the top of the parking area.

There is no charge to visit the Chapel. There are candles inside that you can light and a donation box is there for the candles. Also please note there are no bathroom facilities at the Chapel.

It is a Catholic Chapel but it welcomes all faiths. Monday at 5:00pm there is a prayer service.

Marguerite once said " The doors of this chapel will ever be open to one and all, regardless of creed".

Click Here to Visit The Chapel's Official Site

Click Here to Read About The Chapel Of The Holy Cross

Click Here For More About The Chapel Of The Holy Cross

Click Here to read About The Building Of The Chapel

Tuzigoot Pictures

Here are some pics from my trip to Tuzigoot and the abandoned copper fields below.

Abandoned Copper Mines Below

While In Sedona, Visit Tuzigoot Ruins

While in Sedona set aside a day to visit Montezuma's Castle, Montezuma's Well and Tuzigoot. You can easily visit them all in one day and you can purchase a combined entrance fee for The Monetzuma's Castle and the Tuzigoot ruins for $8 for adults. Children under 16 are free. There is no charge for Montezuma's Well.

Visitor Information - 928-634-5564
Headquarters - 928-567-5276
Open Daily. Summer hours are 8 AM to 7 PM Winter hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Closed on Christmas day.

Tuzigoot National Monument is 22 miles from Sedona so plan on about 35 minutes. It is 52 miles south of Flagstaff, Arizona via U.S. Alternate Highway 89A, or 90 miles north of Phoenix. Travel Interstate Highway 17, take Exit 287 and travel west on Highway 260 to Cottonwood. In Cottonwood take Main Street north towards Clarkdale. Follow the signs once you arrive in Clarkdale.

Tuzigoot National Monument has pretty scenery surrounding the area as well as you will be able to view the abandoned copper mines off in the horizon.

This ancient Pueblo Indian village built by the Sinagua's. The ruins consisted of 110 rooms and it had a 2nd and a 3rd story structure. The first buildings were built around 1000 A.D.

They were farmers and grew squash, corn and beans in the fields below but they traded with others as far as several hundred miles away.This vilage is about 42 acres. They resided there for about 400 years and then unknown reasons, they left the area in 1400 A.D. Was it is flood? Was it a drought? No one knows the reason. But no one inhabited the village after that.

There are two trails found at Tuzigoot. Once is the Ruins Loop and the other is the Tavasci Marsh Overlook Trail. Both trails are 1/4 mile long and are paved but some of the inclines are steep. If you bring your dog, they must be on a leash at all times.

Click On Image For Full Size Map


Click Here To See Picture of Inside Room

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Montezuma's Castle and Montezuma's Well dwellings pictures

Here are some pictures of a few dwellings that are part of the Montezumas Castle and Montezuma's Well

While In Sedona Visit Monezuma's Castle & Montezuma's Well

Located just a short 26 miles from Sedona, Montezuma's Castle sits waiting for you to explore. It was never a castle and Montezuma never lived here. It was more like a prehistoric high-rise apartment complex.

The castle is just three miles from I-17 (exit 289; north Camp Verde) at the end of a side road that winds across flat scrubland and down into the valley formed by Beaver Creek

The castle is recessed in the limestone cliff and sits 70 feet above the valley. It is a 5 story, 20 room dwelling that was built and resided in by the Sinagua Indians in the 12th century.

When first discovered the ruins were thought to be Aztec in origin which is how it got its name.But later it was discovered that was not the case.

They were farmers so their dwelling looked over their fields where they grew their squash, corn, beans and cotton. They were able to use the water from the Beaver Creek that is located nearby as well as provided them safety from any attacks from other people or animals.

This ruin was built so well that it is one of the best preserved prehistoric structures located in the entire Southwest. Additionally you can see some of the remaining ruins from an additional six-story 45-room dwelling which was built at the bottom of the cliff.

At the visitor center, you will find a small museum, and a short (paved) nature trail leading past the ruins, which cannot be seen from the road. Also as you travel along the path you will see gardens with good examples of cacti and other local plants. Also there is a picnic area is located near the visitor center. It sits under sycamore trees that will provide some shade along side the creek.

Its a good place to maybe plan your picnic because since 1951, the parks have not allowed visitors to climb up to the ruins in order to preserve them. So once you walk up the short path and see the castle, there is not really a lot to do. So if it's cool enough out, you might want to just plan on this being your picnic spot and enjoy the view.

Operating Hours, Seasons
Open every day of the year, including Christmas day. Winter hours: 8 AM to 5 PM; Summer hours: 8 AM to 7 PM.

The entrance fees are $5 for an adult which is good for a week. You can also choose to combine this ruin and Tuzigoot Monuments(another set of ruins) and pay $8 for both. You can buy these passes at either park.

Children under 16 are free. And speaking of Children, while visiting the Montezuma Castle ask one of the rangers if your little one can become a Junior Ranger at the Castle. They will be able to provide you with all the information you need. Or you can visit their site to learn more now and let them become Web Rangers now!

Click Here For Kids To Become Web Rangers

The visitor center and most of the paved trail are accessible to wheelchairs. A small part of the Castle trail is too steep for wheelchairs and is marked with a sign. The picnic area is not accessible to wheelchairs. Please contact a ranger for more information and more specific questions you may have. Audio cassettes and braille text are available for the visually impaired.

Click Here For More Information

Click Here To View Slide Show of The Inside Of The Castle

There is no entrance fee for the Well. The well does not take long to explore yet is a worthy stop. You can take in the castle and the well and then settle down for a picnic.

The well is located off exit 293 of I-17, along the winding route through you will see additional dwellings. The route will become unpaved at the side road to the monument. You then will pass the picnic area and foundations of a Hohokam pit house. The house is now protected by an iron roof. You will find parking just past that area. From the parking lot there is a 1/2 mile trail that leads to the south edge of the Well.

Green Sedona

Let's all help our health as well as our planet!

Skiing & Snowboarding While In Sedona

Skiing & Snowboarding While In Sedona?

Skiing & snowboarding in the Desert? Could it be true? Many people wouldn't even think it snows in Arizona. But it does snow and some places gets lots of it!


Well, if you are heading to Sedona in the Winter you can jump in your car and in a 30-40 minute drive and you can hit the slopes.

Click Here For ADOT Safety Information

Click here for Snow Report and Ski Conditions

While in Sedona you will have your choice of several areas to ski or snowboard in and each offer their own challenges.

1.)Arizona Snow Bowl,it is located on the San Francisco Peaks North of Flagstaff and is the most popular resort in Arizona.It is in the Coconino National Forest.

2.) Next is the Elk Ridge located in Williams, Arizona

3.) Flagstaff Nordic Center Cross Country located in Flagstaff, Arizona

4.) Sunrise Park Resort located in McNary, Arizona ( In The White Mountains)
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The Arizona Snowbowl is one of the best mountains in the Western US, and is the most popular in Arizona for sure! Arizona Snowbowl is 7 miles north of Flagstaff on Highway 180, 7 miles to ski slopes on Snowbowl Road.

It boasts an average snowfall of 260 inches. How's that for some desert snow? It has 5 lifts and can easily transport 5,000 per hour to the top of the 32 runs. The highest run is 11,500 feet. They have one run that is 2 miles long. The Snowbowl has 37% of its' runs that are rated for beginners.42% of the runs are rated Intermediate and 21% Advanced. There are also plenty of great snowboard opportunities on the 2300 feet of vertical drop.

The Snowbowl offers professional instructions for skiing and snowboarding. Lesson packages are available that include the rental equipment, lessons and the lift tickets. They have a program for children ages 4 to 7. It's called the SKIwee program and it is available for $70. The Kids ages 8 to 12 can sign up for the Ridge Runner programs offer skiing or snowboarding. Then for the kids 13 and over a program is available for $78.

Rental equipment prices for skis, poles and boots are:
9a-4p 12p-4p
Adult $25 $17
Juniors (12 and under) $15 $10
Snowboards and Boots $30 $22
Helmets $10 $ 8

Lift Passes
Adult Weekend $48 $40
Adult Weekday $48 $33
Adult Holiday $52 $44
Junior(8-12yrs) $26 $21
Junior Holiday $30 $25
Seniors(65-69) $26 $26
70& Older Free Free
7& Younger Free Free


Click here for More Snowbowl Information

Click Here For Wing Mountain Snow Play


Sunset Terrain Park is located in the Snowbowl area on "Sunset Blvd". It is a State of the art park primarily serving the snowboarders. This park offers snowboarders at all skill levels lots of thrills. They feature fun boxes, rails, hits,spines and more. Each season they offer new features to keep things always challenging.

Click Here For Sunset Terrain Park Info


It is said that if you "ski the slopes of Northern Arizona and you'll ski the sky itself." When you ski at Flagstaff's Nordic Center you will be skiing in a winter wonderland. It features a gorgeous view of the ponderosa pine forests and the mountain peaks. On a clear day, you may see the Grand Canyon in the horizon, more than 60 miles away!

You will be able to enjoy cross country skiing and snowshoeing. The Center is located in the Coconino National Forest, seven miles north of Snowbowl Road on Highway 180. You can buy a day pass or season passes. They also offer lessons and equipment rental.

Click Here For Nordic Center Info

Click Here for Flagstaff Skiing Info


Sunrise Park is the largest resort and is it located in McNary in the Arizona White Mountains. It is 184 miles from Sedona and will take you about 3 .5 hrs to get there. It is 200 miles from Phoenix.

Sunrise Park Resort is owned and operated by the White Mountain Apache Tribe. Arizona's largest ski resort with 800 acres of skiing and snowboarding on three mountains that connect. Base elevation is 9,200 feet up to 11,000 feet. They get 250 -350 inches of fresh snow each year. Ski season is from the first week of December through the first weekend of April. Daytime skiing from 9am-4pm. Nighttime skiing offered from Jan.2 through Feb. 21 from 4:30-9pm.

They boast an impressive 8 ski lifts and they also have 13 miles of trails for the Cross Country enthusiast.The offer downhill and x-country skiing, snowboarding and snow mobiling. In the Summer you can enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, biking, boating and special events with chair lift, rides. Lodging is available at the park.

Click Here For Sunrise Park Info


Williams is located about 30 miles west Of Flagstaff, Arizona and plays host to the Elk Ridge. Ski park. It gets an average snowfall of 150 inches. The park features 2 lifts getting up to 850 people per hour to the top of runs. The run are divided as 30% are beginner, intermediate claim 50%, and Advanced are 20% of the runs. Also they have some opportunities for snowboarders on the 600 feet of vertical drop.

Click Here For Elk Ridge Ski Park Info

Sedona Weather

One of first things for people to wonder about when traveling to Sedona is " what will the Sedona weather be like and what should I pack"?

Naturally there are so many things that effect weather anywhere but I have collected a few good sites to help you better plan your packing for your trip and be better prepared with Sedona Weather.

Being that Sedona is at 4,500 ft elevation, it is automatically going to be cooler than many of the other Arizona locations. It sits about half way in elevation between the Colorado Plateau to the north and the low Sonoran Desert region to the southwest. Even though it is closer in distance to the high country Sedona has a generally pleasant climate.

Over all it is mild in the winters to warm in the Summer. A few years ago we were there in May and it was 99°F and then there was a time when we were there in December and it was in the high 70's so you never know. Sedona weather varies every year.

Spring may bring floods if the temperatures rise too fast, early, causing faster than normal snow melt from the high country to the north, which feeds Oak Creek and its tributaries.

Sedona will have the Summer monsoons that will bring heavy, short rains. They are usually brief and the thunderclouds typically begin to form late morning, darkening and covering the whole sky by mid afternoon, followed by the storm, but then clearing quite quickly so by sunset the skies usually are completely clear once more. They will cool things off but will also bring along the humidity.

Nighttime temperatures are always 20-30 degrees lower than the daytime temperatures so in the winter it may dip below freezing now and then for 3 months in winter. Also, snowfall is possible between November through April but it is mostly on the mountains and usually melts by noon. So if you want to take a picture you should take them early.

My first trip to Sedona was in December and we woke up to frost on the windows of the car and by noon we were walking around with just jeans and a hooded sweat shirt.

In the Summer it will get hot quickly so if you want to hike, it is best to do it in the early AM. The hottest months are June, July and August. Sedona sees 100°F+ temps about 20 days a year. The record temperature for Sedona was 110°F

Normally Sedona weather is pleasant. Just take a look at these few links to get an idea of the weather. While there are always changes, at least you can refer back to these to get an idea of what to pack.

Most of all, don't worry, you can always buy a sweat shirt if you are too cold or a tank top if you are too hot. Just pack sensible and have fun!

Click For Sedona Weather Info

Click Here For Sedona Accuweather

Click For Silver Bear's Weather Report

Sedona Pictures

Can you spot the Eagle head in the Red Rocks in the picture below?

This Eagle is located right behind the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Here is a picture of the mountains across the street from Bell Rock

Traveling with kids to Sedona?

If you are planning a vacation with your kids to Sedona, planning
activities before you arrive can make your trip much more pleasant for

Each of these activities will appeal to different ages as well as
different personalities. Take a few minutes to read through the ideas I have
listed. I think you will find a few that your kids will enjoy!

You can take them to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park. It's located
in Camp Verde about 30 minutes south of Sedona. It's just over 100 acres of
wilderness where people can interact with over 400 wildlife animals that
are from around the world. The animals live in a natural and spacious

habitats. They offer different tours.

Here is their site for more information
Click here to go to Out Of Africa Park

Click Here For $5 Off Coupon

How about camping and/or picnicking?

There are many places around Sedona that will make perfect spots to
picnic. There is an area just a few miles north of Uptown Sedona on
89a, that has picnic tables along side of the river. Here are some links
to get more information and ideas of place to go camping and picnicking.

Click here to go to the Forest Service

Maybe you are looking for something that kids from ages

4-12 can do and you want to drop them off for a day so you can do
something without them, like go to a Spa or hike etc.. Well you are in luck, there
happens to be a Children's program called Camp Coyote, that's located at
the Enchantment resort. They have trained counselors who guide fun
educational activities. They learn about Native American culture and the environment
and go on Nature walks that teaches about plants, animals and insects that
inhabit the area.

Children also do a range of indoor activities in their 1500 square foot Camp Coyote center. A few examples include crafts, beading, treasure hunts, sand painting.

They just recently opened it to be an all year around.
Before they only had it available during certain months of the year.

Here is an example of what the program is like from
their 2007 agenda.

Click Here to view their Calendar

Go hear for more information, and to contact them for the fees and reservations.

Click Here for Enchantment Resort Coyote Camp

-----Take the kids on a Pink Jeep Tour. Go exploring on a guided Pink Jeep. They offer a variety of different guided tours. They have a knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Go here for more info on the tours they offer.

Pink Jeep Tours

Perhaps you are visiting Sedona during the warms Spring and Summer
months. You can take the kids to the Slide Rock State Park. There is
swimming, picnicking, fishing, nature watching, a volleyball court and a nature
Go here for more information and fees.

Slide Rock State Park

Take a hike with the kids. At this site they have the hiking
trails rated so you will know what you and the kids will be able to tackle.
They have photo instructions for each of the hikes.

Best Hikes in Sedona

You can also buy one of the great Hiking books on Sedona, they have a
bunch of trails and rate the difficulties and have wonderful pictures on the

------ At night time when it's time to unwind. You can always stargaze
with the kids. In Sedona, it has some of the best views of the stars since it is
so dark unlike in cities and metropolitan areas that is crowded with lights that
takes away from the full stargazing effects.

Click here to read more about stargazing in Sedona

Another great place to take kids is the the Sedona Museum where they can learn about
the lifestyles and of the people who first pioneered Sedona from 1876 to the present.They can take a peek into the lives of the pioneers. A visit surely everyone will enjoy.

Click Here For Sedona Museum Info

How about a little fishing? The Rainbow trout farm is a fun way to spend a few hours or even a day.
I'm not sure who will be the biggest kid in the family, the kids or the parents! The staff is helpful and farm area is very clean. The Trout are cord fed and very tasty.If you are a bit queasy about finishing the job, the skilled assistants will help you out with the cleaning. You can take it home or cook it their in the farms picnic area BBQs. You can purchase BBQ kits that include: seasoning, butter, foil, plates, napkins,and forks.

The bad part is that you have to pay for what you catch and that ranges from $7-$10 a fish and believe me they are hungry! In 5 seconds, you will have a fish on your hook. So you can rack up some charges pretty quickly. Rod rental is $1.

They don't have a website but they are at 3500 N Hwy 89A #88 which is above the Y intersection of highways 89A & 170. (928) 282-5799

Another idea for things to do is to take a trip 30-45 minutes to the West to Williams and go to the Grand Canyon Deer Farm. That place is awesome for kids.
Click Here For Deer Farm Info

Also while in Williams they can the trains, that is the place where they Grand Canyon Train Rides leave from.
Click Here for Grand Canyon Train Info

Also if you want more info on other train rides near Sedona, there is the Verde Canyon Train. It is not located in Williams but it too is close to Sedona.

Click Here for Verde Canyon Train Info

If your kids are older and a little adventurous then a great way to spend a warm day in Sedona would be tubing. You can rent a tube, helmet and have everything you need to head out on a cool adventure. There are many spots that they can tube at and the people at Sedona Outfitters can help you out with the best locations for your family.

Click Here For Sedona Tubing Info

If they have been good all day and you want to give them a cool treat, how about heading to one of the many ice cream stores located throughout Sedona. I will be a great way for the entire family to cool down after a busy day.

Click Here For Sedona Ice Cream Stores
Or stop by Sedona Kid Company and let them have some fun shopping.
Click Here To See Sedona's Kid Company Store

These are obviously only a few things that can be done with kids in
Sedona. There is always something to do in Sedona. It's a real chance to be
adventurous and go exploring, learn the history of the area both geographically and
in cultures. It's a wonderful experience for the whole family.