There is an old saying,

"God created the Grand Canyon, but he lives in Sedona."

One trip to Sedona and you know it has to be true.

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Traveling with kids to Sedona?

If you are planning a vacation with your kids to Sedona, planning
activities before you arrive can make your trip much more pleasant for

Each of these activities will appeal to different ages as well as
different personalities. Take a few minutes to read through the ideas I have
listed. I think you will find a few that your kids will enjoy!

You can take them to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park. It's located
in Camp Verde about 30 minutes south of Sedona. It's just over 100 acres of
wilderness where people can interact with over 400 wildlife animals that
are from around the world. The animals live in a natural and spacious

habitats. They offer different tours.

Here is their site for more information
Click here to go to Out Of Africa Park

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How about camping and/or picnicking?

There are many places around Sedona that will make perfect spots to
picnic. There is an area just a few miles north of Uptown Sedona on
89a, that has picnic tables along side of the river. Here are some links
to get more information and ideas of place to go camping and picnicking.

Click here to go to the Forest Service

Maybe you are looking for something that kids from ages

4-12 can do and you want to drop them off for a day so you can do
something without them, like go to a Spa or hike etc.. Well you are in luck, there
happens to be a Children's program called Camp Coyote, that's located at
the Enchantment resort. They have trained counselors who guide fun
educational activities. They learn about Native American culture and the environment
and go on Nature walks that teaches about plants, animals and insects that
inhabit the area.

Children also do a range of indoor activities in their 1500 square foot Camp Coyote center. A few examples include crafts, beading, treasure hunts, sand painting.

They just recently opened it to be an all year around.
Before they only had it available during certain months of the year.

Here is an example of what the program is like from
their 2007 agenda.

Click Here to view their Calendar

Go hear for more information, and to contact them for the fees and reservations.

Click Here for Enchantment Resort Coyote Camp

-----Take the kids on a Pink Jeep Tour. Go exploring on a guided Pink Jeep. They offer a variety of different guided tours. They have a knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Go here for more info on the tours they offer.

Pink Jeep Tours

Perhaps you are visiting Sedona during the warms Spring and Summer
months. You can take the kids to the Slide Rock State Park. There is
swimming, picnicking, fishing, nature watching, a volleyball court and a nature
Go here for more information and fees.

Slide Rock State Park

Take a hike with the kids. At this site they have the hiking
trails rated so you will know what you and the kids will be able to tackle.
They have photo instructions for each of the hikes.

Best Hikes in Sedona

You can also buy one of the great Hiking books on Sedona, they have a
bunch of trails and rate the difficulties and have wonderful pictures on the

------ At night time when it's time to unwind. You can always stargaze
with the kids. In Sedona, it has some of the best views of the stars since it is
so dark unlike in cities and metropolitan areas that is crowded with lights that
takes away from the full stargazing effects.

Click here to read more about stargazing in Sedona

Another great place to take kids is the the Sedona Museum where they can learn about
the lifestyles and of the people who first pioneered Sedona from 1876 to the present.They can take a peek into the lives of the pioneers. A visit surely everyone will enjoy.

Click Here For Sedona Museum Info

How about a little fishing? The Rainbow trout farm is a fun way to spend a few hours or even a day.
I'm not sure who will be the biggest kid in the family, the kids or the parents! The staff is helpful and farm area is very clean. The Trout are cord fed and very tasty.If you are a bit queasy about finishing the job, the skilled assistants will help you out with the cleaning. You can take it home or cook it their in the farms picnic area BBQs. You can purchase BBQ kits that include: seasoning, butter, foil, plates, napkins,and forks.

The bad part is that you have to pay for what you catch and that ranges from $7-$10 a fish and believe me they are hungry! In 5 seconds, you will have a fish on your hook. So you can rack up some charges pretty quickly. Rod rental is $1.

They don't have a website but they are at 3500 N Hwy 89A #88 which is above the Y intersection of highways 89A & 170. (928) 282-5799

Another idea for things to do is to take a trip 30-45 minutes to the West to Williams and go to the Grand Canyon Deer Farm. That place is awesome for kids.
Click Here For Deer Farm Info

Also while in Williams they can the trains, that is the place where they Grand Canyon Train Rides leave from.
Click Here for Grand Canyon Train Info

Also if you want more info on other train rides near Sedona, there is the Verde Canyon Train. It is not located in Williams but it too is close to Sedona.

Click Here for Verde Canyon Train Info

If your kids are older and a little adventurous then a great way to spend a warm day in Sedona would be tubing. You can rent a tube, helmet and have everything you need to head out on a cool adventure. There are many spots that they can tube at and the people at Sedona Outfitters can help you out with the best locations for your family.

Click Here For Sedona Tubing Info

If they have been good all day and you want to give them a cool treat, how about heading to one of the many ice cream stores located throughout Sedona. I will be a great way for the entire family to cool down after a busy day.

Click Here For Sedona Ice Cream Stores
Or stop by Sedona Kid Company and let them have some fun shopping.
Click Here To See Sedona's Kid Company Store

These are obviously only a few things that can be done with kids in
Sedona. There is always something to do in Sedona. It's a real chance to be
adventurous and go exploring, learn the history of the area both geographically and
in cultures. It's a wonderful experience for the whole family.

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