There is an old saying,

"God created the Grand Canyon, but he lives in Sedona."

One trip to Sedona and you know it has to be true.

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One of first things for people to wonder about when traveling to Sedona is " what will the Sedona weather be like and what should I pack"?

Naturally there are so many things that effect weather anywhere but I have collected a few good sites to help you better plan your packing for your trip and be better prepared with Sedona Weather.

Being that Sedona is at 4,500 ft elevation, it is automatically going to be cooler than many of the other Arizona locations. It sits about half way in elevation between the Colorado Plateau to the north and the low Sonoran Desert region to the southwest. Even though it is closer in distance to the high country Sedona has a generally pleasant climate.

Over all it is mild in the winters to warm in the Summer. A few years ago we were there in May and it was 99°F and then there was a time when we were there in December and it was in the high 70's so you never know. Sedona weather varies every year.

Spring may bring floods if the temperatures rise too fast, early, causing faster than normal snow melt from the high country to the north, which feeds Oak Creek and its tributaries.

Sedona will have the Summer monsoons that will bring heavy, short rains. They are usually brief and the thunderclouds typically begin to form late morning, darkening and covering the whole sky by mid afternoon, followed by the storm, but then clearing quite quickly so by sunset the skies usually are completely clear once more. They will cool things off but will also bring along the humidity.

Nighttime temperatures are always 20-30 degrees lower than the daytime temperatures so in the winter it may dip below freezing now and then for 3 months in winter. Also, snowfall is possible between November through April but it is mostly on the mountains and usually melts by noon. So if you want to take a picture you should take them early.

My first trip to Sedona was in December and we woke up to frost on the windows of the car and by noon we were walking around with just jeans and a hooded sweat shirt.

In the Summer it will get hot quickly so if you want to hike, it is best to do it in the early AM. The hottest months are June, July and August. Sedona sees 100°F+ temps about 20 days a year. The record temperature for Sedona was 110°F

Normally Sedona weather is pleasant. Just take a look at these few links to get an idea of the weather. While there are always changes, at least you can refer back to these to get an idea of what to pack.

Most of all, don't worry, you can always buy a sweat shirt if you are too cold or a tank top if you are too hot. Just pack sensible and have fun!

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