There is an old saying,

"God created the Grand Canyon, but he lives in Sedona."

One trip to Sedona and you know it has to be true.

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Sedona's 2 Stupas~ Sacred Monuments


“Here in America there are so few places to expect the miraculous.”
Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo,
Spiritual Director of Kunzang Palyul Chöling

Like jewels hidden in the desert, these sacred monuments offer us a source for enlightenment in Sedona.

A stupa is a symbol of enlightenment and is one of the most ancient symbols of Buddhist art and achitecture. These holy & sacred monuments and were designed with deep symbolism and sacred geometry. Each Stupa is Filled with Buddhist relics, and other holy objects, stupas emanate blessings and peace. They create incredible power to those who even look upon it. It has the potential to transcend the limitations of language to activate enlightened knowledge.

It is said that "The main purpose of building stupas is to make the lives of all beings, young and old, meaningful. Building a stupa is a way to benefit sentient beings without using words. They are very powerful objects for purifying negative states of the mind. To have such a holy object existing in a country makes that country very rich and very lucky. Wherever a stupa is built, it will become a powerful place for healing and a cause of whatever success visitors are seeking. By coming and seeing such holy objects, each person can have the potential to transform their mind. These benefits apply to all sentient beings that come to the stupa, even dogs that are taken for a walk around it."

The 2 Stupas are places of great blessings. They offer a radiating presence that transmits blessings to both humans and animals, the surrounding area, and the world. If you chose to visit, you can walk around, circling the stupa a number of times, praying for yourself, your families, friends and the world. Prayers said at a Stupa are magnified.

There are no charges to enter the area but donations are welcomed. There are 2 Stupas to visit. Dogs on leashes are welcome.You are invited to make a pilgrimage today to visit these Stupas, located at the base of Thunder Mountain in the shadow of Chimney Rock. From Highway 89A, in Sedona, take Andante Dr. north to Pueblo, Dr. turn left. Proceed 50 yards and park. Enter the property at the gate on the right and continue by foot on the short trail to the Stupa. Please remember this is a sacred place and it should be treated as such. Please remind children of this.

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