There is an old saying,

"God created the Grand Canyon, but he lives in Sedona."

One trip to Sedona and you know it has to be true.

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Want to Retire in Sedona, Arizona But Have A Limited Budget?

I have had many people write and ask about retiring in Sedona, Arizona but thought it was out of their reach.
Well, don't cross out that idea just yet. You might want to consider taking a look at Sunset Village in Sedona, Arizona. It sits right in the heart of Sedona and is only minutes to the Sedona Airport.
Before I go any further, I just want you to know, I do not work for Sunset Village, nor were we paid by them for advertising.  This is just the information we have been able to gather for you.
This wonderful, affordable 55+ Manufactured Home Park is home to 194 homes. The entire community covers 32 acres and features a community center, heated pool, fitness center with  treadmills,etc. and beautiful Sedona views. When the pool is open, they offer water aerobic classes on M-W-F.
Also, they just completed a major renovation  of almost $100,000 to redo all the roads. So the community is not only beautiful and well maintained, but has brand new roads!
Sunset Village does not allow any subleasing which is great. That way they can control who lives in the community. You won't have to worry about your neighbor moving out and some shady characters moving in. The management can protect it's community better by doing it this way.
They do allow cats. You are allowed 2 cats or one dog.  Dogs are welcomed as long as they are no bigger than a Cocker Spaniel.
Also, it is age restricted at 55 but if a spouse or a care giver is 41 or over, they are allowed to live there too. The owner of the home has to be 55 yrs old.
The lot fees are $495.(trash included)  I asked about utilities,etc. and Gene, the assistant manager told me that all the utilities,etc. and the lot rent ended up costing approximately $774 a month total. (that includes the lot rent). So, even if you are on a fixed income, Sedona Village makes living in  Sedona, Arizona affordable for you.
Gene was such a nice guy and was so helpful. He answered all my questions and wasn't trying to rush me off the phone.
Feel free to give him a call if you have any other questions I didn't give you the answers for.

You can see in the map below where Sunset Village is located in Sedona.
Sunset Village is located at 205 South Sunset Dr. Sedona, Arizona 86336
Phone: 928-282-4593

Here is a link to a few homes in Sedona Village that are for sale.

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