There is an old saying,

"God created the Grand Canyon, but he lives in Sedona."

One trip to Sedona and you know it has to be true.

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Sedona GPS Tour

No need to spend the money to take an expensive tour in Sedona. Now you can enjoy a tour from the comfort of your own car! For only $25 for the day, you can rent this GPS tour from the Chamber of Commerce. What a great way to experience Sedona!


Claudia Lawrence said...
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sad said...

I have visited Sedona. When you avoid all the negative it is very beautiful. I have experienced visiter centers that are nothing more than traps set up by condo developers or jeep tours. I have walked trails with barbed wire and fences with signs posted that armed guards are on the other side in a gated community. Where ever you look there are houses, hotels and condos with more being built every day. I believe they are allowing their land to be raped and prostituted all for money. Thank you to the government for trying to save some of this precious land. I urge all to come and see the beauty but stay in a neighboring town an don't support the people whom I believe are causing harm.